Antique Japanese Teacups

Would he go Eastern traditional and choose Japanese-style clay gaiwan bowls, or Chinese blue and white ceramic? Or should he opt for British traditional, with English fine bone china? There were considerations beyond material, too. Handle or no handle; saucer or no saucer? He looked to his company ethos to inform his choice of cups. He selected a double-walled glass mug with a handle and an elegant, curved lip. Tea shops that choose glass cups often do so for the same reason as Perryman: a desire to put the shades of tea—the ambers, greens, reds, and blacks—on display. Others choose homemade pottery, delicate porcelain, mismatched china, or mugs with the company logo.

Is It REALLY an Antique?

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Collectable China Tea Cups Catalogue. VIEW BY DATE · · ​ · ss CATALOGUE TEA CUPS & SAUCERS. Displaying 1–​.

During the s, much of the world’s finest porcelain came from England, France and Germany. Companies such as Meissen and Rosenthal in Germany and Havilland and Sevres in France became famous for beautiful, ornate designs, while the Staffordshire region of England gave birth to legendary companies such as Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Spode and Minton. According to the Lenox China Company, its entrance into the market in helped the U. The great porcelain manufacturers of the era usually marked their products with the company’s name, initials or trademark symbols.

Stamps are often worn and faded from age and many washings, so the mark may be difficult to read. Look for a country of origin. Sometimes, but not always, pieces stamped with a country of origin will be made after , the year that U. Likewise, check the wording. Look at the color of the mark. Wilcox states that manufacturers stamped their pieces prior to firing, and the only pigments that could withstand these high temperatures were iron red and cobalt blue.

Prior to , blue stamping was more popular with manufacturers than red. However, be aware this is only a very general rule of thumb, and works best when used in conjunction with other dating methods for the piece. Look at the shape of the handle. Expert and dealer Paul Mould writes on his “Antique Porcelain Collector” website that cup handles became more ornate as the s progressed, so simpler handles may indicate an earlier date.

How to Date Old Cups From the 1800s

Celebrate your unbirthday with a wild whirl through Wonderland. Madcap music fills the air as you rotate below a canopy of colorful lanterns. A wheel in the center of the teacup lets you control the direction and speed of your spin.

To tableware scholars, however, the more valuable teacups and pots are made by recognized manufacturers, and date from the 18th and 19th.

Antique Japanese teacups are beautiful examples of Asian craftsmanship. The term can refer to any teacups made in Japan until about , although anything made after would be more correctly termed vintage. Japanese teacups and other pieces were exported to Europe beginning in the s. The dynasties can be broken down into the following time periods.

Teacups may be marked with Japanese characters identifying these dynasties but it is necessary to have an expert translate the markings. While a teacup marked with the Japanese character for a dynasty can help you estimate its age, it’s also important to note the type of teacup and the patterns on the cup itself. Japanese teacups are identified more with their city of origin than with the dynasty in which they were made. Japanese teacups come in hundreds of patterns which are often identified with the city of origin rather than the pattern itself.

Moriage is a type of decoration that has been used on Japanese pottery for centuries. It is a process of delicately layering clay on pottery to create intricate, raised designs. They may then be painted in vibrant colors or have gold leaf added to them. This type of pottery is easily damaged if not handled carefully. Not all Moriage pieces are antique so always know who you are buying from and learn as much about the authentic antique pieces as you can.

Antique Tea Cups and Teapots

Welcome to our Tea Cups Gallery where you can see our full range of tea cups and saucers sets in both porcelain and bone china. Most of our tea cups have matching teapots! All patterns from our Hand Decorated collections can be applied to both teapots and tea cups for matching sets. Your wishlist has been temporarily saved. Please Log in to save it permanently. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

item This is an ornate Saji, Japan Occupied Japan 3 footed bright purple teacup and saucer dating The bright purple on white porcelain cup.

Antique teacups remain some of the most popular collectibles for several reasons. Their dainty designs and affordable prices mean that they will be desirable for a long time to come. While teacups had been used in China since AD or so, the teacup as it is known today was not in common use in Europe until the early s. Tea was sipped from small bowls. Since the ruling classes in Europe most often used silver or pewter, it was quickly obvious that a different vessel for drinking hot beverages must be developed or scorched fingers would hound the royal house.

Within a few years porcelain was being manufactured in Europe and cups with delicate handles were being created. The teacup was born. Tea and tea time reached its pinnacle during Victorian times. Giving teacups and saucers as gifts was popular among the ladies of the upper class. The cups were given as gifts for many different occasions, including bridal showers, weddings, and hostess gifts.

Coffee cups sometimes get mistaken for teacups. The teacup will usually have its handle placed higher and may be very ornate.

Antique Teacups

Open nearly any cupboard and you will find teacups and saucers hiding inside. In this article we will turn teacups upside down and expose the hidden truth behind their creation. The discovery of drinking tea dates back to China over 5, years ago.

Antique Old China Derby Porcelain Coffee Can Cup No Saucer Cobalt Blue Gilt Deco in Pottery, Porcelain & Glass, Date-Lined Ceramics, Pre-c | eBay.

All dishes and silverware, upon being washed in the dishwasher, will sit under UV light, until in use. We have UV wands for sanitizing all takeout containers, including bags of loose tea. We will be taking the temperatures of ALL employees as they arrive to work, and they will be required to wear masks and gloves at all times. All outdoor tables and chairs will be thoroughly wiped down with sanitizing wipes after every seating.

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Tips For Collecting Tea Cups

I love the look and feel of vintage and antique items. My collections contain quite a few beautiful items that I enjoy sharing. My vintage teacup collection is far too beautiful to keep to myself. I want to share them with everyone and provide as much information on the teacups as possible; their place of origin, manufacturer, etc. Even if you are not a collector yourself, the vintage cups are very pretty, and the pictures are enjoyable. Most of these teacups were inherited from my mother and date back to at least the s.

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Vintage Royal Sealy tea cup and saucer set featuring purple violets against iridescent porcelain. Nice set in good vintage quality. There looks to be some fading, but looks great for its age! Nice display set for your collection! This tea cup is fit for a queen Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, coupons, and everything else on eBay, the world’s online marketplace. Antique Japanese tea cup and saucer, lustreware tea cup, pedestal tea cup, iridescent tea cup, Japanese tea set, green porcelain tea cup This set is unmarked.

It probably had a sticker at some point. It is a standard size pedestal tea cup. The inside of the tea cup, the base of the tea cup and the center of the saucer are the lustreware finish. No chips. No cracks. I have more tea cups…. Made in Occupied Japan

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